Be Careful Of Your Online Conversations! You Might Get...

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PERSONS attending a session of the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court Tuesday erupted into laughter over a case in which a woman assaulted another whom she claimed messaged her husband on Facebook asking if he had enjoyed his time with her.

The woman, Autherine Waugh, 37, told Resident Magistrate Lorna Williams that the complainant was having an affair with her husband and that she had already confronted her on two different occasions.

However, she said that she decided to speak with the complainant for the third time after the complainant sent a message to her husband on the social website asking him if her private part was good.

“Your Honour I approached her to talk to her and she came up in my face with abusive language and I slapped her,” Waugh told the court.

“What difficulties you are having with the complainant will not be resolved by hitting her,” the magistrate replied.

She was ordered to pay $25,000 or serve three months in prison.