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Cezar describes his sound as an eclectic and soulful blend of reggae and R&B influences. And the fans all over the globe have received the sound with enthusiasm. Cunningham has a smooth delivery that touches those from the US to the small islands of the Caribbean. Not only does he have a way with his own lyrics, he pens hits for others. Tami Chynn, Wayne Marshall, and Machel Montano are a few who have seen success with the vivid emotions he creates through his writing. He was influenced by soul greats Curtis Mayfield and Donnie Hathaway, composer David Hines, reggae legend Bob Andy, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and of course the great Bob Marley. 




Cezar’s work was featured with 8 other artists as a part of the Coca Cola Olympics campaign for the 2008 games in Beijing, representing active optimism. Before this he was awarded in the World Music International Songwriting Competition for “Keep On”. The song tells listeners to keep on moving toward their goals and surviving despite the hands they are dealt. “Will You Be” was another song that spoke to people with its question that everyone asks of someone in their lifetime – if they can be counted on to be there. Mariah Carey’s “I’ll Be Lovin U Long Time” had a tweaking by Cezar and saw a whole new audience fall in love with the rhythm upon its release.


The “natural existence” possible in the beautiful island of Jamaica drew reggae star Cezar back after living in the US for a while. The beauty of the country – from the mountain landscape to the soothing sea provides the artist with inspiration and a beautiful back drop while creating music that his fans are drawn to. Born in London and being raised primarily in Jamaica, his stay in the states was quite an experience and he describes the life he lead here as one where people are “detached from nature” and “on the grind all the time”. Cezar did have the opportunity to connect with nature on fishing excursions with his dad close to Houston in Galveston, Texas. In fact, he seemed to catch more here than back home. While the water left much to be desired, he enjoyed his time here. As a young boy he ventured into the water in Galveston and was a little confused that he couldn’t see his hand before his face.   That being said, he appreciates the lifestyle of both the islands and the US, but there is no place like home.   His time in Washington, DC gave Cezar quite an impressive career to fall back on as he earned his degree in architecture from the prestigious Howard University. After making his parents proud with this accomplishment he went on to begin feeding his soul, making music that seemed to be bursting out of him. This calling was longing to be answered throughout his college studies and the dream began to materialize shortly after.  


So, when will we have more from Cezar? You need not wait much longer. Next month he expects the release of a collaboration with Tami Chin “Should I Never”. It has a soulful reggae vibe, which is what Cezar does best. He says of the work, “She sounds amazing and I had fun doing it.” He is also working on some solo projects and other collaborations. He is managed by Rodney Hill of RHH Music and the two seem to have his persona and career figured out. He loves his work and refuses to let it go to his head. “You have to keep everything in perspective.” He calls himself very blessed and believes that those blessings have to be received with humility. “They can be taken away as easily as they are given.”  Find his music at and follow him on Twitter @cezarmusic.  



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