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Nah Go a Jail Again - Gaza Slim
Written by ABENA    Thursday, 19 January 2012

How Gaza Slim ah talk pon ER say she nah go a jail again when she put herself inna battyhole wid the law inna the first place? She better know say the police dem nah mek Kartel escape because anyhow the perverting the course of justice charge stick, dog nyam her supper and Kartel own by extension because that charge critical because it show say dem know say Lizard dead so dem a try (big word) FABRICATE a ting fi mek it look like him alive. Dem go fucking outsmart demself, whoi, AH YA SO NICE. Da drama yah better Days of Our Bloodclaat Lives. Mi know say she feel grateful to Kartel fi building up her mother house up a Tavern, but jail not worth it. Not a mumma bloodcloth!!!!

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