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By Ir. Delano Richardson

News Americas, PHILLIPSBURGH, St. Maarten, Fri. Jan. 13, 2012: What will the Caribbean look like in the future? What are the main concerns that are facing each island nation? Who are the front runners in this charge?

Having read about the various revolutions that have past from country to country over the centuries, here in the Caribbean we are all apart of and witnessing some of the most transforming moments in the history of our time. It’s like watching the tectonic plates moving to adjust themselves into a place of stability.

What is happening can be understood in a statement made by one of Italy’s top creative-marketing talents, Elkann, 34, the New York–born and Paris-bred that reads as follows: “We need to hit ‘reset.’ There needs to be a generational change. I’m not speaking about age, but about vision. If we understand and accept who we are, we can do that.”

The start of the revolution – ‘hitting the proverbial reset button’ – can be seen through the importing of super star architects to the Caribbean which has been happening for years on a more innocent and seemingly undetected manner. This is happening now on different fronts in a bolder manner in ‘Dellis Cay: Starchitects in the Turks & Caicos archipelago’ as reported about on August 4, 2008 by Archdaily.

Here the intention embodied in the project it to transform an Island into the ultimate combination of getaway accommodations. The names among the stars include Shigeru Ban, David Chipperfield, Carl Ettensperger, Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma, Piero Lissoni, and Chad Oppenheim. This also happened more recently when the 2010 international 7.0 Mw catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti, when international architects hailed the disaster call and proposed varying visionary proposals to assist in solving the humanitarian problem. Proposals included Disaster-Proof Architecture ideas by Vincent Callebaut with a suggestion: disaster-proof floating housing inspired by coral reefs; The Amphibious Container concept by Richard Moreta; E. Kevin Schopfer and Tangram 3DS The “Harvest City,” a vision for post-earthquake Haiti; and finally The Ark concept, which Remistudio designed in connection with the International Union of Architects’ program “Architecture for Disaster Relief.”

Who is watching as the eyes of the world are converging on this braid of Caribbean islands? Today in the Caribbean and growing to international branding levels is Atlantis, which is practically a homemade name; Sandals with its all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages and resort accommodations, and the National Academy for the Performing Arts in Port-of-Spain Trinidad and Tobago built by the Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott).

In considering the way the Caribbean is being IMAGED it is important to consider what some of the world’s top International branding agencies are saying:

The McCann Group: “We believe that while brands are unique, there are certain common qualities for success. These include appealing to both emotion and reason, they inspire loyalty over time, they demand organization-wide commitment and support, and when managed well they inspire all stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and the investment community.”

-From a training session – Burson –Marsteller: “Multinational Companies with Strong Workplace Environments Continue to Re-Invest in Employee and Workplace Initiatives Despite Challenging Economy, Study Finds -”

BBDO: “We’re one of the few agencies right now that doesn’t have an identity crisis,” says Troy Ruhanen, BBDO chairman and CEO of the Americas. “It’s the work, the work, the work. We know who we are, clients know who we are. One of the benefits is . . . you don’t focus on being introspective.”

Critically relevant is the efforts that each island nation is making to attain funding from the various national regional and international funding agencies for its various initiatives to safeguard their economic place in the future of this rapidly changing Caribbean arena. While looking at the economic canvas there is also work being done on the sustainability of the urban and regional conception of the Caribbean.

Looking at tomorrow means we need to look at today. Each island in the Caribbean has its own overriding characteristics, yet natural disasters that will affect every island in the Caribbean in the same way is the reality hurricanes, earthquakes, and the Greenhouse effect. It is said that the world can expect, at least in this century, that there will be a water level increase of at least one meter, however, in the worst case scenario it can rise up to six meters.

Considering all of the above factors, I am working on ideas developed with the intent that they can be adapted to each island’s urban, social and economic constraints. He features two projects: One the SKYNUC and two the Flamboyant commercial, residential, and shopping center. The Caribbean island that is used as the prototype for these ideas is the island of ST. Maarten an autonomous region of the Dutch Kingdom.

All the world leading entrepreneurs and movie stars have a stake in the Caribbean already Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Johnny Depp, etc. The Caribbean is no stranger to life in the fast lane in spite of its tranquil tropical white washed beaches. Ready or not ‘The Caribbean Image Revolution’ is taking shape and is now being crystallized into reality Caribbean wide.

The writer is an architectural engineer, inventor and St. Maarten-born futurist. who we are, clients know who we are. One of the benefits is . . . you don’t focus on being introspective.”

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