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Written by ABENA    Friday, 13 January 2012

When ZJ Liquid ah go return to the air? People ah wonder if him have nine lives or what because this is about the fourth time inna recent history him pick up a suspension fi playing a song which is NFFAP. Wah him a deal wid? Is like him no rate him job again, then. Yu memba the book: Who moved my cheese? It clear say him a pree some different tings or else why him not more careful wid him job and the awesome responsibility he has been given.


The other day, him tweet say ah the streets ah do it, and this week, him tweet say all those media house who ah ask question bout him can stop now, and a bagga tings, but him still not terminated. Liquid, yu bad still, but yu haffi respect yu job, or just tek the streets den fi it. Dweet, don't abuse your job.

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