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  • Raquel commented on this photo

    5 hours 10 minutes ago

    Actually no this was taken near my home here in Virginia.

  • Raquel has changed their profile cover.

    6 hours 16 minutes ago

  • Srp Dj-blade commented on Raquel's photo

    6 hours 18 minutes ago

    Sleepy Hollow?

  • Raquel shared 13 photos in the My world album
    6 hours 20 minutes ago

  • Raquel has changed their profile cover.

    6 hours 32 minutes ago

  • Raquel
    6 hours 58 minutes ago

    Ok, so I am new here. Someone explain the concept here,

  • Chris Walters uploaded Soundcloud Music
    7 hours 38 minutes ago

    Chris Walters Some nice conscious music right here ...
    7 hours 35 minutes ago
  • Chris Walters Reggae Massive
    7 hours 43 minutes ago

    ZJ Liquid wit a blazin dancehall mix !

  • Blade shared a photo.
    13 hours 22 minutes ago

    Jamaicans showing #Kaci #TeamKaci #KaciFennel #TheRealMsUniverse love as she returned home. Halfway Tree tun up loud!!!

  • Blade shared a photo in RANDOM ISH
    13 hours 53 minutes ago

    So, I was sitting outside 24hrFitness in the Galleria Mall area and a lot of people were in and out. There's this mirror at the end of the building and EVERYONE who passed it up took a moment to gaze at themselves.

    In summary, everyone who exits a gym and passes up #mirror has to look at themselves in it. #fact #TrueStory #Vanity

    Tabitha Anderson That is true when passing any mirror
    13 hours 9 minutes ago 1
  • Blade Brina
    14 hours 24 minutes ago

    Welcome aboard Ms Brina

    Chris Walters Ku ya ? A who dis bout ya ? #FINALLY !!
    12 hours 49 minutes ago 1
  • mySoulRebel shared a photo in RANDOM ISH
    16 hours 40 minutes ago

    So this #Houston woman marries herself, and she had a very posh/elaborate ceremony. According to her there is a shortage of good black men. But we want to know is that true or does she just have way too high expectations?

    The following is brought to you by AAA-Batteries, you're going to need a lot of them ;-)

    Chris Walters Dyam the statistics !! There IS a man out there for THIS WOMAN but she deh pan some idiot ting wit dis fuqry right here !! You make a decision to actually MARRY YOURSELF then you OBVIOUSLY AIN'T WRAPPED TOO TIGHT to begin with. I'm assuming this level of crazy has shown itself in a relationship or 2 in the past. This nuh have nuttin fi do with "there are no good black men out there". Da one ya is just a MAD RAAS !!!
    7 hours 29 minutes ago
  • mySoulRebel shared a photo in RANDOM ISH
    16 hours 44 minutes ago

    So is the Homie #NickCannon smashing #AmberRose?

    Blade Who kneeeeeew
    16 hours 35 minutes ago
  • mySoulRebel has changed the cover of the group; RANDOM ISH

    16 hours 45 minutes ago

  • mySoulRebel created a new group

    16 hours 47 minutes ago


    p Whatever RANDOM things that you come across and feel like sharing with the community feel free to post it here./p

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