Get xbox Gift card
Jan 10

Get xbox Gift card

Get Your Own Xbox Gift Card Codes List & Use Them For Games, TV Shows, Physical Products & Much More


Get Your Own Xbox Gift Card Codes List & Use Them For Games, TV Shows, Physical Products &...

  • What is Microsoft Gift Cards or Xbox Gift Cards?

    Microsoft is the parent company of the Xbox and other brands or services like Skype, Outlook, One Drive, etc. So, when you want to get an Xbox gift card, you are getting a promo gift code from Microsoft for all or a particular service.

    These Microsoft gift cards and Xbox gift cards are developed for the users to facilitate the buying options for the different services by Microsoft, including different gaming titles.

    Why these Microsoft Gift Cards or Xbox gift cards were developed in the first place?

    As you know, not all the countries in this world have access to international transactions from their local credit cards and debit cards. Also, some of the countries don’t allow the use of third-party payment wallets, for example, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, etc. These Xbox gift cards are used to overcome this restriction.

    To facilitate the game titles on Xbox and to ensure everyone can use them for their gaming needs, Microsoft avails these to many online stores and physical roadside stores.

    What can you buy with the Xbox gift card codes list?

    The use of Xbox gift cards is not limited. You can use the gift cards to buy many physical and virtual products.

    First of all, you can purchase the latest apps from the Microsoft store or even present them to someone. Along with the latest apps, you can also purchase games and movies from the collection. Then you have TV shows and TV serials that you can watch using the Microsoft Gift Cards. As for the Xbox specific purchases, you can buy different Xbox accessories including other physical products.

    As for the in-game purchases, you can purchase the game’s currency often referred to coins, shards, gems, etc. Also, you can purchase the game secrets like mods, maps and the players to up the ladder quicker than others. Last but not least, you can purchase Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

    Where can you use the Xbox gift cards?

    Since the Xbox gift cards are from Microsoft, you can use the code in your Microsoft account for the Xbox platform and other services from Microsoft.

    How to get Xbox gift card codes?

    By now, you must have known all the perks of getting Xbox gift cards and how to use them, it is time I told you how easily you can get Xbox gift card.

    Believe it or not, you can get Xbox gift card codes for free from our website. Yes, FREE.

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