mySoulRebel Discussion started by mySoulRebel 3 years ago
Killed for selling cd's; killed for selling cigarettes; killed for talking back to a police; killed for jade walking; killed for smoking in your own car; killed after getting your hair braided; killed for walking with a toy gun in Walmart that you're about to purchase; killed for playing with a toy gun in a park; killed walking from the store after buying soda & skittles; killed while praying in church; killed while your hands were up and you're saying don't shoot!

Those are just some of the cases in which unarmed black human beings were murdered and in most cases at the hands of the people sworn to protect and serve. 

When will it stop! When is enough enough! Will black people ever get a taste of the justice afforded to the privileged in the United States? 

Is it time to channel our inner Malcolm X, or Will Dr Kings approach work to remedy the situation?