Are Caribbean concert pricing themselves out of the game?

Tabitha Anderson Discussion started by Tabitha Anderson 6 years ago

Did you know the average pricing on a caribbean concert /stageshow is approximately 50-70% higher than attending other genres of events?

A comparable concert concert/stage showcasing  20 or so named Hip Hop artiste will have ticket prices ranging $15 and up, while a Caribbean event showcasing  only one artist i.e Everton Blender cost upwards of $30.

There are even disparities among pricing structures within the Houston Caribbean Community , a Dominican or a Virgin Island Event very often ticket prices range around $10 while Events which showcases Trinidadian or Jamaican Artistes tend to command higher ticket prices of $30 and up

How many of you remember Global Jam?, a major Caribbean event held in Houston some  two years ago, which showcased a host of top named  Reggae/Dancehall artistes .i.e Shaggy ,Beenie Man , Marcia Griffiths, Cocoa tea to name few. Ticket sales were significantly below expected, attendance to this event was dismal. This was atributed to the fact ticket prices were set at $70 dollars.

It is well understood, the Caribbean community in the United States is largely a population of mostly immigrants who are not known to have a lot of disposable income,  which does dictates attendance levels at these events.

It is also well known that those events which command less per ticket price is often well attended  and these start much earlier times than those events which start much later. Which means some patrons are even getting a better value for the dollar wile they spend a lot less.

With such a wide range in pricing among these events why are some promoters able to do well economically while commanding much less in ticket prices than others?

What drives the cost/pricing structure of ticket prices for these shows?

Zasha I never knew the stats on the pricing differences but I believe anything you enjoy you have to pay for, otherwise don't attend... 6 years ago
Chris Walters
Chris Walters I don't know if I would agree with the general belief that overall Caribbean events set prices higher than non-Caribbean events. The pricing... Show more
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