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Supermodel Beverly Johnson has managed to keep her private life just that.  After conquering the world of fashion, breaking down racial barriers, and becoming a beauty brand mogul; the dynamic beauty has chosen to open her home to her daughter’s growing family and the rest of America.  Her choice to include her daughter, Anansa Sims Patterson, came from her desire to mend old wounds that may have occurred when a judge decided early in Anansa’s life that custody would be given to Johnson’s ex-husband, music producer Danny Sims. Today women rarely are asked to choose between their career and a family and undoubtedly the pain felt by the young mother was, at times, unbearable.  “It was during the time of Kramer vs. Kramer”, she tells Examiner, and “nothing in my life has been as traumatic as that moment.” Anansa was a preteen before Beverly once again had her daughter on a full-time basis.  Although the two developed a relationship during the years before Sims left the nest, Johnson believes that “your past sets up your future.”  So she saw this show as an opportunity to work through any feelings that may have gone unspoken.

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